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Colorado Draft Horse & Equipment Auction
September 30 & October 1, 2016
Location : Adams County Fairgrounds 9755 Henderson Rd. Brighton, Colorado 80601
CHECK-IN: EQUIPMENT & MISC. 8:00am-6:00pm Thurs. Sept. 30 CHECK-IN: HORSES & MULES 8:00am-8:00pm Thurs. Sept. 29, Fri. Oct. 1
Friday Sept. 30, 2016 9:00am - three selling outside * 11:00 am - Carriages & Wagons * Harness & Collars will follow * 4:00pm - Saddle Horses
Sat. Oct. 1, 2016 9:00am - Horses & Mules * 9:00am - Small Misc. Items * Saddles will follow
TERMS & CONDITIONS: CASH, CHECK (with 2 forms of ID) Visa, MasterCard, Discover. 3.5% CC fee
Another Photo Of Bill & Barney

Photo Of Bill Driving Single.

Photo Of Bill Under Saddle.

Team Of Percheron geldings

(Dick & Dan) 9 yr old geldings 17.1 hh well broke, nice quiet team, work on all farm machinery, beginners team.
Another Photo Of Dick & Dan

Photo Of Dan Driving Single.

Photo Of Dick Driving Single.

Team Of Percheron geldings

(Rock & Roy) Team of 12 & 13 year old Percheron gelding broke to work.
Photo Of Rock

Rock sells with his teammate Roy.
Photo Of Roy

Roy sells with his teammate Rock.
Weanling Percheron Stud Colt

(Charleswood Dylan)Foaled April 25,2016 Sire: Slate Acres Kaption M29501 308198 USA Dam:Charleswood Blacki F43606 Papers pending.
Weanling Percheron Stud Colt

(Charleswood Drake)Foaled May 18, 2016 Sire: Slate Acres Kaption M29501 308198 USA Dam:Charleswood Debbie Danielle F43211 Papers pending.
Weanling Percheron filly

(Charleswood Davine)Foaled May 24, 2016 Sire:Nesbitts Riverview Bud M27216 Dam:Charleswood Jill F38400 Papers pending.
Weanling Percheron filly

(Charleswood Dixie)Foaled May 14, 2016 Sire: Slate Acres Kaption M29501 308198 USA Dam: DA-KA Wee Barn F40463 Papers pending.
Suffolk Belgian CrossTeam

(Blake & Lake) Older team of geldings been to many parades and done hay rides. Easy to shoe and harness. Safe for anyone to drive.
Clydesdale Gelding

(Eddie) 5 year old gelding broke to ride and drive single and double.
Clydesdale Gelding

(Simon) 10 year old 17hh gentle giant broke to ride and drive. Slow but does everything right, very safe.
Team Of Percheron geldings

Team of 15 year old Percheron geldings broke to drive. They been in 6 horse hitch as the wheel team. Won Cheyenne and Phoenix parades.
Another Photo Of the Percheron Team In The Wheel

Team Of Percheron geldings

(Tom & Jerry) 11 & 12 year old 17hh team broke to all farm machinery. They are traffic safe and easy to harness, catch and load.
Clydesdale Gelding

(Bruce) 9 year old gelding broke to drive.
Clydesdale Gelding

(Magic) 6 year old gelding broke to drive. Sells with teammate Oz.
Clydesdale Gelding

(Oz) 6 year old gelding broke to drive. Sells with teammate Magic.
Percheron Gelding

(Bill) 13 year old Gelding broke to work. Sells with teammate Ben.
Percheron Gelding

(Ben) 13 year old gelding broke to work. Sells with teammate Bill.
Percheron Mare

(Kim) 3yr old Percheron mare broke to ride and drive. (Only left hand mare sells.)
Percheron Mares

Team of 4 & 6 year old team Percheron Mares. Broke to drive.
Percheron Mare

10 year old black mare broke to drive.
Percheron Filly

Yearling Percheron filly, halter broke.
Clydesdale Mares

(Jessica & Starlight) Team of 10 & 12 year old registered bay mares broke to drive and ride.
Photo Of Starlight

This mare has bee driven sgl. & dbl. in parades and farm work. She has had 2 foals, 2014 & 2015, nice mare to be around. She loads, travels well and is easy to shoe.
Photo Of Jessica

She is broke sgl. & dbl. and been in parades and lots of farm work. She is laid back and easy to work with. She has had several foals. Easy to shoe, trim and wash.
Clydesdale Mare

(Belle) 6 year old registered mare broke sgl. & dbl. unicorn, 4 abreast, and 4-up. She has hours of farm work and is broke to ride. She is very calm and loves people. She would make a great beginner horse.
Percheron Team

(Sue & Duke) 10 & 11 year old mare & gelding broke to work. Used in high traffic situations.
Another Photo Of Sue & Duke

Another Photo Of Sue & Duke

Draft Cross

(Sunny) 6 year old draft cross broke to ride and drive, very quiet.
Spotted Team

(Chub & Slim) 10 & 11 year old gelding team well broke to drive.
Crossbred Geldings

(Super & Jr) Team of 3 & 6 year old geldings quiet, gentle, and broke.
Draft Cross Gelding

(Blackie) 15 year old gelding, gentle for anyone to ride.
Spotted Draft Mares

(Macy & Madison) - Paint 1/2 draft mares, 12 years old broke to ride and drive, real babysitters, have done funerals and many public events very fancy team. Don't pass them by.
Draft Cross Gelding

(Big Boy) 12 yr old, Morgan x Percheron gelding. Rides, we were told he also drives, but have not driven him. Rugged made friendly horse. For Saturday Sale
Molly Mule

9 year old molly broke to ride & drive. She is good with her feet, loads easy, soft in mouth, and travels well.
John Mule

(Blue Duck) 8 year old dapple gray john mule broke to ride.
Molly Mule

(Peaches) 15 year old palomino molly broke to ride. Good family mule.
Molly Mule

(Reba) 15 year old red dun molly excellent trail mule.
Donkey Team

6 year old jennet named Scotch broke sgl. & dbl. she has raised 2 babies, no problems. Roxie is 1 year old daughter and is broke sgl. & dbl. Both are very social and curious.
Quarter Horse Mare

(Lady) 6 year old buckskin mare broke to ride and rope with plenty of time in the saddle working in feedlot. Her papers have Paddy's Irish Whiskey, Docs Hickory, and Quilchina Bar. Cutting bred.
Paint Gelding

(Ricky) 10 year old all around ranch and trail horse.
Quarter Horse Mare

Amber) 4 year old registered mare. Has a sliding stop, moves off leg pressure and very quiet. Would make a great family horse.
Paint Gelding

(Warrior) 7 year old Palomino Paint gelding gentle and would make a trail or show horse. He has been used on the ranch to move cows, loads easy and has a great disposition.
Quarter Horse Mare

(Stormy) 21 years old. We have had her for 7 years. She has done all ranch work, roping, moves cows, gymkhana etc. Good kid horse and great in the arena with other horses. Our daughter has ridden her since she was a baby. She has no buck and is a great babysitter! She adapts well to the riderís abilities. About 15 hands
Quarter Horse gelding

(Snickers) 16 year old gelding, he patterns nice and takes his leads well. He is really well mannered on the ground. He ground ties and follows you without lead. He is smooth! About 14.3hh.
Quarter Horse gelding

(Clyde) is around 23 years old. He is willing to go through anything. He climbs hills, goes through water, crosses obstacles, and opens gates. He has been roped on and is great with cattle. The kids climb all over him. Good starter horse for kids or great for beginner riders. About 15 hands
Quarter Horse gelding

(Hawk) 5 year old blue roan gelding broke to ride.
POA Gelding

(Squirt) 18 year old gelding broke to ride. Brown with a blanket and flaxen mane and tail.
Appaloosa Gelding

(Tank) 8 year old gelding broke to ride.
Quarter Horse gelding

8 year old registered Grulla gelding well broke to ride. Used as flag and pickup horse at rodeos.
Gray Mare

(Ginger) 11 year old 14.3hh kids rodeo horse broke for anyone that can ride. She has done poles, barrels and is a 2D barrel horse.
Paint Gelding

(Kirby) 6 year old gelding 13.2hh kids pony. Lots of miles on the road and trail safe, sound and gentle for anyone.
AQHA Gelding

(Pal)7 year old palomino broke to ride. Used in the mountains, loops circles.
Bay Gelding

(Cheetah) 3 year old gelding broke to ride.
Quarter Horse gelding

(Jr) 3yr old Gelding, quiet and broke.
Palomino Gelding

(Hershey) 10 year old Gelding broke to ride.
Palomino Gelding

(Bueno Boy) 4 year old Gelding broke to ride.
AQHA Gelding

10 year old black gelding broke to ride, started in the box, heal side. Big stop, neck reins, worked cattle.
Quarter Horse Mare

14 year old roan mare broke to ride.
Quarter Horse gelding

(Banjo) 19 year old gelding very gentle and well broke. Been rode in the mountains and used for hunting and pleasure. He will cross water and down timber.
Quarter Horse Mare

(ROSE) 8 yr old registered AQHA mare gentle, great disposition, anybody can ride her, easy to handle.
Missouri Foxtrotter

(Rocky)10 year old gelding very smooth and walks out well. Been on mountain trails and has cow experience.
Tennessee Walker

(Rowdy) 8 year old chestnut gelding. Been used in the mountains.
Warmblood Gelding

(Walter) 11 year, 16.2 big stout quiet gelding, broke to ride, no vices.
Appaloosa Gelding

(Broder) 11 yr old, 14.3hh big stout appaloosa trail horse.
Quarter Horse gelding

(Cadillac) 9 yr old, 15.2hh gelding. Well broke, handsome gelding that we let everybody ride around here. Ranch raised, no quirks or issues.
Quarter Horse gelding

(Cody's Topsail Whiz) 10 year old, 15.1hh gelding. Nice, big gelding. Used for riding camp this summer, and is a ground covering trail horse.
Quarter Horse gelding

(JJ Boomarang) 6 yr old, 15.1hh gelding. Good honest broke horse. Big, stout, and gentle. Has been used by a lady in the feedlot and lots of outside miles. Great young horse.
Quarter Horse gelding

(Hannahs Velvet King) 6 year old, 15hh gelding. Fun little horse. Clever broke, really brave outside. No spook, best all around horse. Can go any direction, ranch, family, polo.
Quarter Horse gelding

(Levi) 4 year old, 15hh black headed blue roan. Gentle, no snort or buck. Rides good for his age. Rugged made.
Quarter Horse gelding

(Rockstar) 6 year old gelding. Show bred top and bottom. Well broke, no vices.
Paint Gelding

(Iza Shooter) 10 yr, 15.2hh race bred gelding, grandson of Mr. Eye Opener, very easy to ride, nice enough to show at open shows, dependable trail horse and is a trained barrel horse. No vices.
Paint Gelding

(Tomahawk) 12 year old, 14.3hh gelding. Honest little ranch horse. Kids ride him out to the woods and gather horses and cattle. He is a safe, all around horse.
Gray Gelding

(TR) 13 year grey gelding 14.3hh, nice broke ranch gelding.
Paint Gelding

(Flashy Two Timin) 5 year old, 15.1hh gelding. Well broke, had a job at stockyards and shown in arena.
Quarter Horse gelding

(Deago) 12 year old, big stout ranch gelding. All day cowboy kind of horse.
Welsh Gelding

8 year old 13.2hh buckskin gelding. Well broke to ride, nice handle.
Appaloosa Mare

(Wildfire) 6 year old broke to ride, partial blue eyes, 14.2 hands, ready to take any direction, good barrel potential.
Quarter Horse gelding

(Buddy)14 year old palomino Gelding, broke to ride, neck reins, 16.1 hands, ranch/trail horse, beginner safe.
Pony Gelding

(Chip) 13 year old 42" gelding broke the best to ride and drive. Safe for everyone in the family.
Pony gelding

(Ice) 7 year old 48" gelding broke to ride. Great disposition.
Pony Mare

(Misty) 15 year old 49" mare been there done that. In the same family all her life. One handed neck rein.
Appaloosa Gelding

(Apache) 16 year old 13hh very gentle, broke to ride and has been in parades and is safe for any level rider. Used for trail and pleasure riding and is currently rode by 11 year old.
Paint Pony Gelding

(Cookie) 8 year old gentle well broke to ride. He will greet you at the gate, and been in parades and rode by all ages.
Pony Mare

7 year old pony mare approximately 44", kids have been riding her around the farm.
2 Seat Trail Buggy

8 Passenger Wagonette

Cross Country Buggy


4 Passenger Wagonette

4 Passenger Country Phaeton

Show Buggy

New Draft Size Marathon Wagonette,

Has pole and shafts.
New Marathon Touring Carriage

Has pole and shafts.
Pony/Mini Wagonette

Has pole and shafts.
New Pony/ Mini Marathon Touring Carriage

Has pole and shafts.
3 Seat Carriage W/Fringe Top

1849 Landau

Built in London, England and used in Queen Elizabeth coronation parade, June 1953. Has original lamps and comes with another set of original wheels.
2 Seat Surrey W/Fringe Top

2 Seat Surrey

Original carriage with auto top and lamps. Built by Syracuse Buggy Co.
Nameplate On Surrey

Dr. Buggy

This buggy dates back to the early 1900's and was restored by Olson Carriage and has always been stored inside.
One Horse Sleigh

New High Wheel cart

Mini Easy Entry Cart

Jog cart

Jog Cart

Pleasure Cart

Farm Box Wagon

Spring Wagon

People Hauler

Wagon is 14'x5', red, rubber tires, seats 20, rear step entry. Draft and small horse hitches plus towing hitch, tow lights and battery lights, storage cover Like new.
2 Bottom Plow

McCormick #9 High Gear Mower

Mower is reconditioned and field ready.
Singer Sewing Machine

Industrial machine for leather. Sells with table and all attachments.
Another Photo Of The Sewing Machine

Another View Of The Semi

Outside View Of The the Trailer