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Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Select Sale - Consignment CLOSED
March 10, 2017
Location : Historic Stadium Arena, National Western Complex Denver, Colorado
Directions : Consignment is CLOSED for this auction.
AUCTIONEER'S NOTES: Auction results of Rocky Mountain Horse Expo Select Sale
Hip # 1 SOLD $4200.00

(Pocos Badger Pine) 6 yrs old gray registered AQHA gelding, broke to ride and been on tails and worked cattle. He was foaled June 13, 2011 and is sired by Little Badger Pine and out of Pocos Doc Cheeta.
Hip # 2

(Wyatt) 10 year old crossbred gelding 16.2 hh really nice broke to ride & drive. Lots of trail rides also had some English training & started over small jumps. Has a nice lope, great disposition in your pocket type. Been used at the stockyards penning back cattle. Nice kind kid tested mother approved!
Hip # 3 SOLD $3600.00

(Cashing In My Bad Luck) 5 yr old Quarter Horse Gelding. Broke to ride.
Hip # 4 SOLD $8000.00

(Blue) 6 year old nice quiet blue roan Quarter Horse gelding. He has been trail rode through timber and will cross water. Blue has pushed cows in the pasture and roped steers in the arena. Would make a nice horse for the whole family.
Hip # 5 SOLD $4000.00

(Rose) 8 yr pony mare 48" tall. Broke to ride and drive. Super disposition and confirmation. Goes where you point her. Will ride out alone or with a group. Been trail rode ,crosses water, checked cows ,rides like a big horse. Be sure to check her out. Ponies like this are hard to find.
Hip # 6 SOLD $4500.00

(Buddy) 4 year old registered palomino Quarter Horse gelding, he has the looks and mind to be fit for anyone in the family. Buddy has been ridden on trails and has had plenty of arena work, he's a great all around horse for any level of rider.
Hip # 7

(Timber) 5 year old Buckskin Crossbred Gelding. Here is one of those ever popular crossbreds. Hes 15 hands, has a ton of shape, bone and color. Hes been used to gather, sort and brand on. Hes been on the trail and mountain. Stout made, not too tall to get on but will pack any load you put on his back.
Hip # 8

4 yr.old grey Percheron mare. Well broke to drive single and double and also rides, used around the ranch. Moves nice for a big horse, has a really nice handle, lopes good, circles and is smooth. She has been on the road and through traffic, a good all around family horse.100% sound.
Hip # 9 SOLD $5000.00

Brokaws Doc Bailey (Sonny) 4 year old registered Palomino Quarter Horse gelding. He is by Holly Dynamite and out of Baileys Dun Doc Bars. Sonny is broke to ride, quiet and well mannered. Sonny has been to branding and started roping out of the box. Same ownership for the past 2 years. If you like to ride you will like him.
Hip # 10 SOLD $6000.00

(Gus) 9 year old 15.1hh sorrel grade Quarter Horse gelding. Quiet and well broke to ride. Excellent on the trails and has had extensive arena work. Lots of handle and a fun horse to ride. A nice sorrel with some chrome, sound, no vices. Nice horse to have around.
Hip # 11 SOLD $8000.00

(Dun) Monte Bartender 7 year old AQHA gelding. Massive young gelding with a good attitude and lots of eye appeal. Over 16 hh and close to 1500 lbs. Loves to go through the country and has had a lot of high quality training. Never any trouble out of him, no buck, no spook, and he is always willing to please you.
Hip # 12

(Cowboy) 7 yr old crossbred gelding broke the best to ride and drive. Absolutely one of a kind ,very unique. Lots of trail miles and lots of road miles. Traffic safe and sound in every way.
Hip # 13 SOLD $4500.00

(Hawk) 7yr 15.1 blue roan Quarter Horse gelding. A nice gentle gelding that's broke for the whole family. Been trail rode, roped off of outside. Hawk is a sharp individual.
Hip # 14 SOLD $5000.00

(Pepper) 4 year old registered AQHA 14.3hh bay roan gelding. Well broke, very athletic, soft in the face. Pepper has worked on the ranch, rode in the mountains and also packed. He is gentle, beginner safe and 100% sound.
Hip # 15 SOLD $3200.00

(Suede) 8 year old Gypsy Vanner cross 14.2 hh really handy little horse been used on a ranch gathering sorting & doctoring cattle by a 12 year old boy. Also used to drag and rope calves and penning back cattle at the stockyards. Perfect size for anyone in the family.
Hip # 16 SOLD $6300.00

(Knight) 5 yr.old 3/4 Friesian 1/4 Percheron sport horse. Stands 16hh. Broke to ride and drive single and double. Lots of talent, and has a nice handle, stops on a dime, lopes good, circles and is smooth. He's balanced and well built. He could be a dressage, hunter/jumper, rope horse or working horse. He has a lot of potential to go any way you want with him. He's been on trails and rides outside and in the arena. Sells 100% sound.
Hip # 17 SOLD $4600.00

(Jackson) 5 year old nice quiet gelding. He is broke to ride and drive, has been to town, and traffic safe. Jackson is very athletic and will pick up both leads. He has been roped on in the pasture and on the head side in the arena.
Hip # 18 SOLD $6250.00

(Lotsa Smokin Chex) 8 year old AQHA real nice quiet sorrel gelding. Hes 7 yrs old been ridden by all level of riders. Hes gentle, will stay broke and will ride up the trail, in the arena or around the ranch. Hes built right, nice hip, neck, head, good mane and tail. Hes guaranteed sound and broke. No hump, buck or spook. This is one for the family to have and love on. Hes friendly, meet you at the gate and easy to handle. He is bred really nice, Grandson of both NU CHEX TO CASH and ONE GUN with Doc OLena and Bueno Chex also on his papers.
Hip # 19 SOLD $5900.00

(Chex) 3 year old registered blue roan Quarter Horse gelding who is a sweet horse, loves attention and wants to please. He's a mature 3 year old, he will walk, trot and loop quiet and collected. Come check him out.
Hip # 20 SOLD $7100.00

(Champ) 5 yr quarter/pony gelding been rode everywhere a 9 year boy could think of going. Used to gather pairs. Super gentle, quiet and still big enough for an adult.
Hip # 21 SOLD $14,500.00

(Audrey) 4 year old Belgian-Friesian cross gelding 16 hh red bay w/black mane & tail. Well broke to ride & drive. A beautiful mover that collects up and lopes a nice circle. Responds well to leg cues. Has been on the trails and on the road. Audrey is a big quiet dude that is spook free and a sound mover.
Hip # 22 SOLD $4100.00

(Tony) WhiskeychicNaRooster 11 year old registered AQHA gelding. Whiskey is a good, honest ranch gelding. He is well suited for the intermediate rider, and has plenty of skills for the working rancher. Handsome looking and always a gentleman to catch, tack up, and leaves the barn at a nice pace. Very thick made, with perfect conformation.
Hip # 23 SOLD $6800.00

(Slick) 5 yr old registered buckskin Quarter Horse gelding. Slick is a really cool horse with lots of ride. Been started lightly in the roping pen on the heal side. Has had quite a bit of time on the hot heels. Broke the best, sound in every way. Don't miss this young horse with lots of potential.
Hip 24 SOLD $2600.00

(M.R.'S Buzz) 3 year old registered gray Percheron gelding. He is by M.R.'S Bob and out of R.G.'S Lady. Buzz is very quiet, broke to ride and drive single and double.
Hip # 25 SOLD $4500.00

(Bert) 8 year old bay Crossbred Gelding. Nice made gelding. He stands 16 hands has all the foot and bone you would ever want. Hes been ranched on, branded calves and knows what a days work is. Saddle him up and hes ready to work. Hed be great for someone looking for a bigger horse or one that will carry a load. Great horse to take hunting, work on the ranch or go for a trail ride. Hes good to look at and is just coming into the prime of his life.
Hip # 26 SOLD $5300.00

(Bucky) 6 year old nice and quiet Quarter Horse gelding broke to ride. He has been on lots of trails, will cross water and ditches no problem. Bucky has pushed cows in the pasture and roped on in the arena. Bucky will pick up both leads and will make someone a nice arena or trail horse.
Hip # 27 SOLD $6300.00

(Magic) 4 year old classy Spotted Draft Friesian cross gelding, broke to ride and drive. Magic has been up and down the road through town and is good in traffic. He rides very quiet and is good on trails as well as the arena. He has a kind eye and a willing attitude.
Hip # 28 SOLD $6500.00

(Kept My Promise) 7 year old AQHA gelding. This little horse is by far my favorite to ride. He's young and cute, 14 hh. He has done everything a horse can do. He will cut a cow with a lot of try, calm and easy to rope off of and drag a calf, and he'll walk, trot, canter, and rein like a show horse. Also knows how to canter a course in the hunter ring. Has been hauled and shown in US Pony Club Games events with young children. I call him the nicest horse around; suitable for kids, but so skilled that he should belong to an adult that enjoys all aspects of riding. Truly a superior horse.
Hip # 29 SOLD $6600.00

(Blocker) 9 year old bay roan Quarter Horse gelding broke the very best to ride. Well mannered horse that can go all day. He has size and is 100% sound.
Hip # 30 SOLD $5000.00

(Simon) 10 year old crossbred gelding 16 hh, he has had some formal dressage and English training. Simon has a nice lope, neck reins and rode lots of miles of rough country trails in the Ozarks and has been used at the stockyards penning back cattle. Very nice all around gelding fit for the whole family.
Hip # 31 SOLD $3200.00

(Chief) 12 yr.old Paint gelding. Broke to ride and drive the best. Absolutely no buck and is just right for anyone to ride and has the bone to pack anyone. Very gentle but will move out and has a gas tank to go all day. Awesome on the trails, side passes, crosses water and bridges, and has been roped off of. If you're looking for a great family horse he'll fill the spot. 100% sound.
Hip # 32 SOLD $4300.00

(Yeller) 12 year old AQHA Palomino Gelding. Here is one of those been there done it types, jack of all trades, kinda horse Hes been roped on, headed on out of the box. Hes been used to ranch on, brand calves and to gather on. He rides great in the arena, big easy mover. Hes been used in some skijoring and will pull a skier and not spook, crosses water, logs, rocks, go where you point him. Hes been guided on trail rides and will lead out and set a great pace. Big Boned with great feet. Hes sound and ready to go to work or take a ride in the arena.
Hip # 33 SOLD $4000.00

(Ranger) 6 year old red roan Quarter Horse 15.2hh gelding broke to ride. Rode cross country and is a good trail horse.
Hip # 34 SOLD $3700.00

(Stormy) 7 year old black & white draft cross gelding broke to ride and drive.
Hip 35 SOLD $5000.00

(Docs Hickorys Return) 12 year old AQHA Buckskin gelding. Hickory is a super stout, nice, solid made gelding. He is straight cow bred and will really watch one. He has been used on the ranch for all the ranch chores. He has also been used to wrangle horses and pack dudes. He has a super fast cowboy walk outside and can really cover the country. He has a good handle and is safe and gentle. Sound and a good one to take to the mountain.
Hip 36 SOLD $6200.00

(Hank) 7 year old 15 hh draft-Paint cross gelding. Broke to ride and drive the best. Been used on most farm equipment including walking plow. Will lope a nice circle, stays collected. Could go any direction. Be sure and check out his video.
Hip # 37 SOLD $4200.00

(Sam) 7 year old red roan Quarter Horse gelding been on the farm for 2 year used to gather cows check fences and trail ride. Sam is a easy keeper and good around other horses. Here is a horse broke and ready for a forever home.
Hip # 38 SOLD $8200.00

(Brownie) 6 year old 16.1hh Hanoverian gelding. Pleasant disposition, easy to catch, load, trailer, and good to shoe. Well trained to ride and has limited jumping training. Shows excellent form and promise over jump sets. He has also been trail rode.
Hip # 39 SOLD $2100.00

(Johnny Boy) 8 year old sorrel Quarter Horse gelding well broke to ride. A good solid gelding with lots of chrome, safe and sound.
Hip # 40

(Classy) 9 yr.old Paint mare. Broke the very best to ride. Don't let her age fool you, she's got a lot of potential. She's been on lots of trail rides, worked in the arena and roped off of. She's also been shown in western pleasure. Neck reins, side passes, does it all. If you need a horse to teach your kids how to ride, she'll do the job. Don't let this great mare pass you by. 100% sound.
Hip # 41 SOLD $6800.00

Blue Countness Romp (Beauty) 4 year old nice big shapely Quarter Horse mare that is a true blue. She will pick up both leads, has headed steers in the arena and will cross water and ditches. If your looking for a big horse that can do a job check her out.
Hip # 42

(Lionel) 7 year old 15.2hh big stout crossbred gelding broke to ride and drive. He has been on lots of trails in the rough hills & hollers of the Ozarks. Neck reins and has a nice pretty lope. Soft in the face has been used at the stockyards for the last 5 months penning back cattle. Safe for the whole family.
Hip # 43 SOLD $3800.00

(Max) 6 year old AQHA 15.1hh grey gelding Sired by Smart and Mad and out of High Brow Cat. Had 1.5 year cutting training been rode outside a lot. Roped a few outside and has a ton of handle. Very quiet and gentle 100% sound.
Hip # 44 SOLD $4300.00

(KC Red Buck) 8 year old AQHA Buckskin gelding. Hes as cute as they come. He stands 15 hands, rides very well in the arena, one hand neck rein, moves off your leg. Hes very good to look at and is sound. Currently hes being used for day work and is logging lots of outside miles. Nice traveling horse that someone who wants a good using horse. Guaranteed Sound.
Hip # 45 SOLD $4100.00

(Banjo) 4 year old 16 hh solid built Belgian-Quater Horse cross broke to ride and drive. He is very gentle, quiet, and used all winter to haul hay and hooked to the manure spreader.
Hip # 46

(Moose) 10 year old draft cross blue roan gelding stands 16 hh Broke to ride, been used in the arena as well as on lots of trails. He has a smooth loop and a good stop, moose has a one hand neck rein and easy to handle.
Hip 47 & 48 SOLD $12,200.00

(Waylon & Willie) 8 & 10 year old nice matched pair of geldings. Broke to drive, single or double, buggy/wagon/farm machinery, road safe. Both geldings are broke to ride and have been trail rode a lot, nice and quiet.
Hip # 49 SOLD $8000.00

(Colonel) 5 year old 15.1 hh grade dapple gray Quarter Horse gelding. Very well broke to ride and is quiet on the trails. He neckreins and responds to leg cues. Colonel is a sound fun horse to ride and has the right buttons. He is well mannered and quiet in the barn.
Hip # 50 SOLD $2800.00

(Captain) 6 year old 50" buckskin pony gelding rides and drives and is traffic safe & sound. Our 11 yr old Son has been riding him to school and they also do a lot of driving with him. He is quiet and easy going and a lot of fun. Just a good all around pony.
Hip # 51 SOLD $3100.00

(Sox) 12 year old 16 hh draft cross gelding broke to ride. Sox has lots of chrome, is very calm, steady, and easy to ride.
Hip # 52

(Durango) 5 yr.old dun Quarter horse gelding. Broke the very best to ride. Durango is one of a kind, our 6 and 8 yr.old boys ride him all over. He side passes, crosses water and bridges and knows his leads. Great on the trails and has been worked in the arena. He has great potential and his whole life ahead of him. 100% sound.
Hip # 53 SOLD $6500.00

(Shaq) 8 year crossbred gelding 18. hh very fancy blue roan broke to ride and drive. This gelding has done lots of different things for us, farm work, breaking colts, trail rides and worked in stockyards. Very rare hard to find quiet & gentle for anyone.
Hip # 54

(Bud) 7 yr old Percheron cross gelding 16.2 hh broke to ride and drive single and double. Used on the rode a lot and is 100% traffic safe . Bud rides as quiet as he drives. I'm only the second owner of Bud he was raised by an Amish family that used him around the farm. Sell 100% in every way.
Hip # 55 SOLD $5500.00

"First Down Dodger" or Champ 9 year old AQHA gelding by Corona Caliente out of a RA Brown ranch bred mare from Throckmorton TX. Great mix of race and cow breeding, his top side packs some of the top racehorses and bottom side is full of a long line of quality ranch and rope horses. Bred, raised and owned by the same family. Champ has been roped off of on both ends in the arena and outside pasture roping and general ranch riding. lightly patterned on the barrels and ponied racehorses in the morning and on race days for the past 5 years. All around, 4H, gathering cows or finish him on the barrels or gymkhana events. Currently is ponying 2 and 3 year old racehorses. 15 hands. Loads, hauls, bathes, stands tied excellent.
Hip # 56 SOLD $4300.00

(Mister Gibbs) 5 year old registered classy Quarter Horse gelding put up like one should be, light on his feet, great stride and manners. Never any buck in this horse. Nice handle and has been used well. Has worked in feed yard, started to stick and ball for polo, and can make a rope horse or a fancy trail horse.
Hip # 57 SOLD $12000.00

(Smoke) 7 year old 15.1hh registered AQHA dapple gray gelding well broke to ride. Smoke has had lots of trail miles and will go anywhere you please. He neckreins, and collects up and lopes a nice circle. He has a sweet disposition, well mannered, sound, and has no vices and is quiet in the barn.
Hip # 58 SOLD $4600.00

(Durango) 5 yr old registered Paint gelding. This is a very quiet, sane gelding that has been started on the head side, and also on the heel side. Has been very quiet in and out of the box, and has had a lot of dummy work. Also been to the state parks on trail rides. This gelding sells 100% sound in every way.
Hip # 59 SOLD $4000.00

(Blue) 10 yr old blue roan grade Quarter Horse cross gelding. Gentle and broke to ride. Blue has been on lots of trails and worked cattle.
Hip # 60 SOLD $5400.00

(Annie) 7 year old 14.2hh grade Palomino Quarter Horse mare very fancy and well broke. Annie has had lots of reining training and spins, slides, and does beautiful flying lead changes. She was use in performance and in drill teams.
Hip # 61 SOLD $5900.00

(Poncho) 7 yr old 15.3hh black grade cross Friesian-Quarter Horse gelding broke to ride and drive. Traffic safe, sharp horse.
Hip # 62 SOLD $2500.00

(Princess) 7 yr old Fell/Paint Cross Mare. 54" tall. Broke to ride.
Hip # 63 SOLD $4000.00

Tiny King Hancock (Hank) foaled May 11, 2013 he is by King Bars Hancock and out of Tiny Parr Zan. Hank stands 15.2hh is a stout horse with good withers and tracks the roping dummy very well. Plenty of speed to make a big time rope horse. He is gentle, sound and his sire was a great pick-up horse.
Hip # 64 SOLD $4000.00

(Harley) 12 yr old quarter horse gelding very athletic, well built and super gentle. Used on trails and worked in the arena. Been roped off of and has a great handle. Neck reins, side passes, crosses water, bridges, and knows his leads. Loves to work but is also great with kid's. A good all around family horse.