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Colorado Draft Horse & Equipment Auction
Friday & Saturday, April 20 & 21, 2018
Location : Adams County Fairgrounds, Brighton, Colorado
Directions : 1 1/2 miles West of HWY 85 on 124th Ave.
Friday, April 20, 2018
9:00 a.m. - Three Rings Selling Outside
11:00 a.m. - Carriages & Wagons
Harness & Collars will follow.
Friday, April 20, 2018
4:00 p.m. - SADDLE HORSES!
CHECK-IN - Thursday, April 19, 2018
8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. - Equipment
8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. - Horses

CHECK-IN - Friday, April 20, 2018
8:00 a.m. - 6:00 p.m. - Horses and Mules

TERMS & CONDITIONS: Cash, Check (with 2 forms of ID)Visa, MasterCard, Discover (3.5% Fee)
Mule Team

(Kate & Cash) 8 & 9 year old black john & molly mules, full brother & sister out of Percheron mares. Broke to work.
Percheron Team

Team of 4 & 5 year old 18.hh fancy team of Percheron geldings. This team is quiet and well broke.
2 Percheron Gelding Teams

(Rick & Rock are on the wheel they are 5 & 6 year old Percheron geldings stand approximately 17.2 broke to all farm equipment from the hay mower to the manure spreader they’ve seen it all. We have used them in town on the wagon and around children and nothing bothers them. This would be a good sound beginners team. Walter & Woody are 4 & 5 year old Percheron geldings broke to all farm equipment, work very good as a lead team, they have been in parades and in traffic. They will work four a-breast single or in a team. They stand approximately 17.3hh and 18.hh and they are sound and good for the farrier. Consigned by: Norman Yoder, more info @319-404-1196

Another Photo Of Rick & Rock In The Middle & Walter & Woody On The Outside
Close Up Of Norman Yoder Teams

Shire Gelding

(COSMO) 3 year old black registered Shire gelding, good mind and lots of eye appeal. Cosmo is well broke to drive and will be started riding by sale time. You will not find one prettier then this big dude. More info @403 637 3700 OR 204 748 1491
Spotted Draft Team

(Dawson & Durango) This is a well broke team of Spotted Draft geldings, full brothers and well broke to work. More info call Enos Yoder @719-371-0248 See video @ visit website
Spotted Draft Team

Team of 10 & 11 year old mares broke to work.
Haflinger Team

Team of 10 & 12 year old Haflinger mare & gelding. Will drive single & double, broke to work and been in parades.
Percheron Team

(Rick & Rock) Team of 16.3hh. blue roan Percheron geldings, full brothers. Been on lots of farm equipment and broke single & double.
Percheron Gelding

(Don) Left hand horse 5 year old 18.hh Percheron gelding. Amish broke to drive on farm machinery. Just finished more than 90 days of saddle training. Stands at mounting block patiently. Side passes and moves off leg pressure. Excellent whoa, lots of energy and go. Picks up on cues very easily and moves out into canter with little effort. Sweet willing temperament and extremely respectful in hand. Loads and hauls like an absolute dream. Currently pastured with mini and donkey who boss him around. Easy to catch. Does not need stocks to trim and currently barefoot. Utd on vaccs and last dental was December 2017. Contact Julie for more info 719-433-1276
Photo Of Don Under Saddle

10 Passenger Wagonette

This wagonette was custom built with 2" wheels and has ball bearing 5th wheel, surrey top, disc brakes and lights.
Custom Built Trailer

This custom built trailer was made to haul horses and carriage. It is 24' long, 7' wide and 8' tall. It is very clean and well care for. Photo on the right shows the inside. Photo on far left has more info.
Inside view Of Custom Built Trailer

Info On Trailer

3 yr. Old Registered Shire

(Cosmo) 3 yr. Old Registered Shire gelding broke to ride & drive. More info call Enos Yoder @719-371-0248 See video @ visit website

Belgian Gelding Team

(Lance & Deano) Team of 5 & 10 year old sorrel Belgian geldings broke single & double. Been in parades and are traffic safe.
Clydesdale Team

(Linda and Lacey) Older team of Clydesdale mares well broke to work.
Clydesdale Gelding

7 year old gelding broke to drive single and double.
Belgian Mare

(Cindy) 17 year old Belgian mare that lost her mate. We have been driving her as a single and she is doing excellent. If you are looking for a single to learn to drive Cindy would be a your choice. She is sweet and broke the best, traffic safe. If you have a horse to match her she would fit right in.
Team Of Geldings

(BUTCH & SUNDANCE) Team of 8 & 9 year sorrel & white QH/Paint geldings well matched and flashy. Broke to drive, tie, load, haul & 100% sound. Green broke to ride, have been out on trail rides.
Spotted Draft Mare

(Jazzy) 12 year old sorrel & white draft cross mare. Flashy and well broke to ride, beginners trail horse. Very easy going. Broke to drive, but has been a few years. Would be an ideal guest ranch or therapy horse. No buck! 100% sound. See video @ visit website
Brabant Stallion

(Dozer) 2 year old bay roan Brabant stallion. Dozer is as gentle as they come and is put together right to keep as a stallion or cut and use him as a good using gelding.
Percheron Gelding

(Percy) 10 year old dapple grey Percheron gelding that is awesome. He rides, drives single or double either side and I trust this horse with anyone. He is kind in every way. My daughter rides him daily in just a halter and makes lots of miles trail riding.See video @ visit website
Percheron Gelding

(Terry) 3 yr.old 17.3hh Percheron gelding sired by Clearview Spirit. Broke to ride and drive. Been used in the manure spreader all winter and has done lots of farm work. Good solid gelding just don't have a mate for him. He's on the right side in the picture. Consigned by: Enos Yoder Family, more info call 719-371-0248 See video @ visit website
Another Photo Of Terry Under Saddle.

Percheron/Morgan Team

(Sam & Saber) 14 & 15 year old crossbred gelding team broke to drive & ride. Good beginner team.
Draft QH Cross Gelding

(Duke) 7 year old gray Percheron/Quarter Horse cross gelding.
Percheron Cross Gelding

(Ben) 10 year old gelding drove with a mule to feed cattle and do hay rides. Also rides and used to gather cattle, very gentle, stands good when hooked. Good to harness and with the farrier. Used in 6-up hitch as a wheel horse.
Draft Cross Gelding

(Moose) 9 year old 15.3hh. draft Cross gelding. Moose is a good-minded, outstanding gelding. He goes wherever you point him and will do whatever is ask of him. He is extremely gentle and a blast to ride, smooth in all gaits. You can trail ride in the morning, then rope and drag bulls in the afternoon, nothing bothers this horse. He is one of the best horses I have ever ridden.
Haflinger Team Of Geldings

(Duke & Clyde) Team of 12 & 13 year old sorrel Haflinger geldings. This team is well broke to drive and are very quiet and kind.
Percheron Cross Gelding

(Smokey) 8 year old grey Percheron cross gelding broke to ride and drive. Collects up nice. Knows his leads. Been worked in the arena and on trails. Nice quiet stocky gelding. He'll go out and work all day. One for the whole family. Consigned by: Enos Yoder Family, more info call 719-371-0248 See video @ visit website
Draft/Paint Cross Gelding

(Dakota) 5 year old Paint/Percheron cross gelding. Broke to ride and drive. Been used in all farm machinery. Rides great and has a nice lope. Very gentle and ready to work. Consigned By: Enos Yoder Family, more info call 719-371-0248 See video @ visit website
Quarter Horse Mare

(Juliet) 5 year old cremello QH mare broke to drive single or double, bathes, traffic safe, ties, loads & hauls. Has been out on trail rides, 100% sound. No vices. Green broke to ride. See video @ visit website
Brown Mare

(Minnie) 11 year old grade brown mare broke to ride and drive and has been driven in the Nebraska Land Parade in North Platte. She has been used as a pack horse elk hunting. She is very gentle and good to be around. Easy to shoe and loads good. An all around family horse.
Draft Cross Gelding

(King) 12 year old tri colored Paint Draft cross gelding broke to ride and drive. Safe and sound. Lots of trail riding in the mountains. Will cross water. Wooden bridges. He is traffic safe. Sharp horse. Consigned by: Daniel Bontrager, More info @719-221-6857 See video @ visit website
Draft Cross Gelding

(Bud) 3 year old 15.3hh bay Percheron/Qh gelding. Bud is a well made Percheron QH cross and has a lot of riding. He has a nice ground covering walk. He is good in the rocky country. Rides out alone or with a group. Very good minded. Easy to teach new things. This is the perfect size cross. Daniel Bontrager, More info @719-221-6857 See video @ visit website
Draft Cross Gelding

(Bungo) 6 year old 15.3hh. draft cross gelding broke to ride & drive.
Friesian/Percheron Cross

(Apollo) 4 year old 16.hh Percheron Friesian cross gelding with a lot of shape. He is broke to ride and drive and has been on trail rides and driven up and down the road. Apollo works very well in the arena, picks up his leads and moves off of leg pressure. Apollo shows that draft horse in him and has a solid foot and is sound. Consigned by: Norman Yoder, more info @319-404-1196
Draft Cross Mare

(MARY) 14 year old black draft cross mare broke to ride and drive single & double. She is traffic safe, bathes, ties, loads, & hauls and has been used on trails & for ranch work and is 100% sound. No vices. See video @ visit website
John Mule

(Frank) 9 year old bay john mule broke to ride and drive. He is willing, gentle and good to shoe, clip, load, and catch.
Pair Of Mules

(John & Jackie) 7 year old molly & 8 year old john mule brother & sister out of a Paint mare. They have been together all their life and will sell together. They have been ridden, packed, and ground driven.
Mule Team

(Molly & Mabel) Team of 15 & 17 year old bay molly mules. Good hobby team.
Jonh Mule

(Bo) 16 year old black john mule. Anyone can ride.
Team Of Mini Mules

(Mayday & Mayhem) 9 year old 1/2 brothers drive as a team and ride. They been in parades and worked on a pony ring. They pull a stone boat to put in fence lines and won't quit going uphill. These guys are hard workers. They are for intermediate to experienced drivers. A fun team to have!
John Mule

(Red) 14 year old sorrel john mule good minded and has been used in the mountains for outfitting and checking cattle. He has also been used for doctoring and dragging calves.
John Mule

(Bean) 15 year old grey john mule. Good little trail riding and pack mule. Has been used in the mountains a lot for guiding and outfitting.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Mello) 12 year old cremello gelding broke to ride and drive. Used extensively on trails, and in the mountains. He crosses water, is an easy keeper and pulls a buggy.
Another Photo Of Mello In Harness

Quarter Horse Mare

(Chrome) 9 year old quarter horse ( no papers) mare. Appropriately named Chrome, this beautiful mare is shiny, smooth, and reflective of her riders ambition. With an experienced rider she gets right after it...with a lady or a child she assumes a more compassionate attitude....Yeah, she's that kind. She loads well, shoes well, crosses water, adapts to new situations and new riders. She loves cattle and mountains. If you're wanting to carry a flag, be a Queen or participate in a parade, this beautiful horse will turn some heads. You will love this horse. Anyone buying her will feel like they have won the lottery!
Quarter Horse Mare

(Mazie) 10 year old gray Quarter Horse Mare used on barrels, poles, and many other gymkhana events. Has a really nice handle and would make a nice 4-H horse. She is not for a beginner.

(Watch Flash Billy) 11 year old sorrel mare used for ranch work. She can drive and cut cattle and been roped off of. She is registered and is Pitzer bred. She loves to work but is also good on trails.
Paint Gelding

(Panda) 15 year old 14.3hh. Paint gelding that has been there done that. Been in parades, rodeos, taken swimming, trail riding, and ridden by all ages. Has a nice neck rein and rides out gentle.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Blaze) This 6 year old horse has a lot of years left for a young kid. My girls rode him all last summer and fall but wasn't used much the last few months. He is well broke and been in the mountains hunting & packing and has shoes on all four.
Quarter Horse Mare

(Beauty) 16 year old experienced mountain & trail horse. She has spent all her life in the mountains and packed game and ridden by many different riders. She has a lot of years left in her. Her favorite place to be is on the trail. She is dependable and surefooted.
Canadian Sport Horse

Carimba (barn name is Reba)16 year old Dark Bay Canadian Sport Horse mare. Trained in dressage and loves jumping, strong on the trails, needs intermediate rider or better.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Corona) 4 year old 16.2hh. bay gelding broke to ride.
Gypsy Cross

(Mercedes) 9 year old black Gypsy cross mare well broke to ride.
Appaloosas gelding

(Happy) 6 year old registered Appaloosas gelding well broke to ride.
AQHA Gelding

(G.S. Cowboy Frost) 4 yr. Old Registered roan Quarter Horse gelding. Broke the very best to ride. Has a great handle. Moves off leg pressure and knows his leads. Been worked in the arena and been on trails. Collects up nice, lopes circles and stops on a dime. Use him to work all day or babysit the kids. 100% sound. Safe in every way. Don't miss this one! Consigned by: Enos Yoder, More info call Mary Alice Yoder @719-431-0421 See video visit website
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Jackpot) 17 year old 14.1hh. registered gelding very gentle, loves people, & has been trail ridden all over CO, WY, & NM. This is a nice well broke gelding.
Appaloosa Gelding

(Dillon) 16 year old red roan Appaloosa gelding same owner since 10/15, came from a kids camp. Very kind, very willing. Good horsemanship base. Helped me with my confidence. Trail ridden, clinics. Hauled in equipment for trail work. Versatile, loads, stands for farrier. Current shots, and wormed.
Rocky Mountain Horse Mare

(Annabelle) 6 year old black Registered Mare.
Quarter Horse Mare

(Coffee) 19 year old bay Quater Horse mare. Doc Olena bred mare. Great handle, ranch, trail, rope, knows a cow. Last few years used for pleasure and gathering, good teacher.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Henry) 12 year old sorrel Quarter Horse gelding. Doc Olena bred gelding. Ranch, trail, pleasure, been roped off, used to gather off forest, nice little horse.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Tex) 8 year old blue roan, 15.1 hh gelding. He has been my personal horse for 3 years. He is a great using horse and has done just about every job you can do horseback! He has been ridden in the arena, trail ridden, checked pastures, pushed/gathered cattle, rides bareback, has been used to pony colts, has been camped on/overnight rides, took him elk hunting in 2016, open and closing of gates while mounted, swung a rope off of him, I have also roped the heeling dummy on him, roped live steers out of the heeling box as well as some breakaway roping. He will really watch a cow and seems to love the job! Tex is the type of horse that stays broke. In the arena Tex is soft in the face, lopes off on cue, has a cute jog, takes his leads, stops great, backs up, pivots, side passes, rides one handed with a loose rein or will collect up nicely, responds well to leg cues/pressure, rides bridle-less. Out on the trails he will go in any direction his rider points him as he has had a ton of outside miles on all types of terrains! While out on the trails Tex rides out alone or rides well in a group. He has also been ridden along the road/highway, nothing phases him! Tex has had extensive ground work done with him as well he will come to you with voice command, will lay down, he will follow you anywhere without anything on him! He will stand hobbled, loads great, hauls good, pastures well with the other horses, is good in a stall. He is athletic and has the mind and gentleness for anyone to ride. Sells sound. visit video
Paint Mare

(Willow) This mare is gentle but spirited for an intermediate rider.
Quarter Horse Gelding

7 year old AQHA Gelding, broke, broke, broke. Some reining training and patterned on barrels, cattle sorting, trails, all around kind of gelding. Safe for beginners.
Paint Gelding

8 year old gelding will do whatever you want him to do.
APHA/QH/WB Gelding

9 year old Sorrel w/ 4 white sox and blaze, 15.hh. Super flash paint QH warm blood gelding broke to ride. See video: visit website
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Dallas) 8 yr old roan gelding that is broke the best. Dallas has been used for anything you can imagine from picking up broncs to roping the head side. Has been hauled to a few jackpots and won on. He is as broke and gentle as can be. Will do a days work in any aspect of ranch work. Sells sound in every way. No vices and no buck. Consigned by: Matt Wickey, more info call 765-561-6078
Gypsy Vanner

(Elvis) 7 year old Gypsy Vanner draft cross gelding. Well broke and quiet. Sells 100% safe and sound. Consigned by: Matt Wickey, more info call 765-561-6078

(Roo) 9 year old Chestnut AQHA mare been there, done that mare. Was on a pack string, been a lesson horse for English and western, has 3 good gaits and a solid lead change.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Pacos) 9 year old sorrel Quarter Horse gelding, nice gentle gelding that has done about everything on the ranch.
Paint Pony Mare

(Lena) 6 year old buckskin Paint pony mare, nice kid friendly mare that we have done everything on from ranch work, rodeo, to showing.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Chief) 12 year old sorrel Quarter Horse gelding. Chief is a super nice 3 D barrel horse with lots of run. Does not get hot at the gate and is broke to head on and knows lots of other rodeo events. He is a perfect step up horse or back up rodeo horse.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Danny) 9 year old 15.2hh nice reg. ranch gelding. Doctored a lot of cattle on him.
Paint Gelding

(Gus) 9 year old 16.hh gelding use at the sale barn.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Peanut) 8 year old 14.hh super cool gelding broke to ride.
AQHA Gelding

(Reno) 6 yr old 15.2hh. AQHA line back dun roan gelding. Reno is as gentle as you can find one. Good on trails, been used to push cattle. Just an all around special horse. I've not seen very many this quiet. Sells sound in every way He is the perfect age for you to take him any direction. Consigned by: Matt Wickey, more info call 765-561-6078
AQHA Gelding

(Dale) 3 year old 15.3hh registered Quarter Horse gelding with a good foot and a lot of bone. He is broke to ride has been on lots of trail rides as well as in parades. Even though he is just a 3 year old he has seen a lot. Dale is very quiet and easy going, moves off leg pressure and has a one handed neck rein. Dale would be a nice family horse.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Dozer) 10 year old 15.hh broke the best. Easy to catch & shoe.
Thoroughbred Cross Gelding

(Yo) 4 year old 16.3hh. TB cross, good minded and riding well for his age.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Pepto Blue) 7 year old 14.3hh. blue roan well broke to ride.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Danny) 9 year old 15.hh. Palomino gelding ready broke ranch rope horse.
Appaloosa/POA Gelding

(Dragon) 10 year old 14.hh. gelding broke to ride.
Pony Team

(Willie & Waylon) 8 year old matching team of black pony geldings. They drive the very best, traffic safe, and can be hooked and driven by all ages. They can be hooked everyday or once a year, doesn’t matter, they will drive off the same every time. They are a fun and safe team. This team could be used in competition driving, they are that well broke. Don’t miss this team of great ponies.
Pony Gelding

(Ranger) 8 year old pony gelding excellent ride and drive pony that excels at both. He is broke the best and traffic safe. He is one of the best broke ponies you will very find. Rides bareback with a halter and lead rope. I can’t say enough about this pony he is one of those hard to find ponies that is rarely offered for sale.
Pony Mare

(May) 4 year old sorrel mare, kid broke to ride & drive. Home raised pony that is quiet and gentle. Consinged by Wilmer Burkholder family noted for their good ponies. More info call 402-852-3101
Pony Mare

(Misty) 4 year old sorrel mare broke to ride & drive. A real babysitter. Consigned by Wilmer Burkholder family noted for their outstanding ponies.
Pong Gelding

(Remus) 4 year old sorrel gelding broke to ride & drive. He is very lovable and would rather walk then run. Consigned by Wilmer Burkholder family noted for their well broke ponies.
Pony Mare

(Sally) 5 year old blue roan pony mare quiet and gentle, broke to ride.
Pony gelding

(Buddy) 5 year old sorrel gelding broke to ride and drive.
Pony Mare

(Judy) 8 year old buckskin pony mare broke to ride.
Pony Team

(Fifi & Pancho) 10 & 12 year old black and white paint pony mare & gelding. They are a nice little pony team. I’ve hauled hay with them and spread manure along with a handful of other pony sized jobs.
Pony Team

(Hershey & Chief 5 & 7 year old team of pony geldings that have been used for several small jobs including hauling hay and spreading manure.
Pony Gelding

(Buster) 10 year old sorrel Pony gelding. Buster is a nice little lead line pony that has been used as a 4th horse, also loves attention and is easy to handle.
Pony gelding

(Handsome) 9 year old pony gelding broke to ride. Rides alone for the big kids or on a line for the little kids. Very friendly, easy to catch and loves to come in the house.
Pony Gelding

(Spot) 12 year old 54" pony gelding used in youth ropings. Super gentle.
Pong Gelding

(Pork Chop) 5 year old bay gelding broke to drive and started under saddle. Amish kids drive him to school every day, he is traffic safe. Hook him up and head to town. He is built like a Quarter Horse.
Pony Mare

(Pearl) 4 year old 53" nice gentle pony well broke to ride.

This carriage has no top or shafts.
1890’s Studebaker Buggy

Nice original buggy. Comes with shafts.

Piano Box Dr. Buggy, Circa 1903.

4 Passenger Wagonette

5th Wheel Wagonette for single horse or team. Quality black leather harness for team of light horses with additional parts for a single horse. All in excellent condition, ready to use! Horses do not sell.
Runabout Buggy

2 Seat Buckboard

Rockaway Carriage

This 1900's carriage is restored and has original beveled glass windows and shades. Also has shafts and lights.
Runabout Buggy

Competition Carriage

Brand new competition driving carriage. Pole and single horse shaft. Weight 495lb, 23' tires.
2 seat Trail Buggy

This buggy is built on a super light expanded metal frame for the ultimate fun. Comes with hydraulic brakes. Seats four.
Cross Counrty Buggy


1 Seat Trail buggy

Cross Counrty Buggy


2 Seat Trail Buggy

This buggy is built on a super light expanded metal frame for the ultimate fun. Comes with hydraulic brakes. Seats four.
2 Seat Surrey

This ultimate promenade carriage with fully upholstered seats captures old world style and charm. Comes with fold down top, full fifth wheel, hydraulic brakes and storage compartment under the seat in the back. Seats four comfortably including driver.

Cutter sleigh on comfort springs, MFG: J.I. Clark, Oshkosh, WI circa 1885.
Marathon Cart

Black metal, with black and grey vinyl upholstery 4’ wide, with 38″ wheel base 42″ wide seat, adjustable for balance 68″ curved marathon-style shafts, with 5 height adjustments, fits horses from 13hh to 15.3hh 27″ heavy duty steel spoke wheels with heavy duty motorcycle tires Mechanical cable brakes and fenders Non slip expanded metal floor Weight about 120 pounds
Meadowbrook cart

Beautiful oak construction with folding seat and backrest for easy rear entry. Built with two types of suspension for an extremely comfortable ride. Leaf springs for road suspension and flex shafts to absorb the horse’s movements make it unique. Storage box under the seat.
Grain Wagon

Covered Wagon

This wagon is ready to go on a wagon train. It has plenty of room in the back with a deck and a full size bed and a roll up curtain. The front has a full bench seat with a nice overhead cover.
Side View Of Covered Wagon

This wagon is 15' long, 8' wide, and 9' 8" high.
Rear View Of Covered Wagon

Inside View Of Covered Wagon

Spring Wagon

Nice all original wagon.
Box Wagon

This appears to be a Klair and Weidner wagon from Attica, Oh. I assume that to be the manufacturer but don't know. Very nice original condition. Was put in storage in 1958.
JD Farm Wagon

John Deere hay wagon with new deck. 7’6” wide and 14’8” long. Main beams made out of spruce 12”x 3.5”. Deck is 2”x6” beetle kill. All stained and sealed. Well built rig. Setup so that you can hook to a team of horses, tractor or truck.
Bottom Side Of JD Wagon

Haflinger Size Wagon

Yellowstone Stagecoach

Coach was built by Ox Bow Trading company out of John Day Oregon in 2006.
Another Photo Of The Yellowstone Coach

Chuck Wagon

Picnic Wagon

Oak Trail Wagon

This oak wood wagon is a very comfortable ride on automotive tires, a full suspension, a full fifth wheel, rear steps and hydraulic brakes. It has removable back seats. Seats six plus driver.
12 Passenger Wagonette

This sturdy wagonette is made for pleasure driving, tourism, and parades. Its fifth wheel and brakes make it easy to handle.
Wagon Ride

This spacious wagon is built on full sized automotive tires, has a full fifth wheel, rear steps and hydraulic brakes. Seats up to fifteen passengers plus driver.

This Caisson was designed for use in funerals and is still popular with carriage service operators that function today. It can also be very practical around your farm or on your land with its flatbed. It has a full fifth wheel and hydraulic brakes.
12 Passenger Wagonette

4 Passenger Wagonette

6 Passenger Wagonette

6 Passenger Wagonette

2 Passenger Wagonette

4 Passenger Wagonette

Express Wagon

This carriage provides a most stylish choice for a two passenger vehicle. On pneumatic wheels it becomes a trail worthy carriage. It has a full fifth wheel, hydraulic brakes and a large storage compartment in the back.
Single Disc

Sulky Plow

Gilpin Plow

Plow has new axles, sleeved wheels, new lay. It’s never been pulled after being rebuilt. This is a rare plow from 1868 era and one of the very first riding plows designed by Gilpin Moore who was a John Deere engineer. Gilpin plows were sold by John Deere and highly sought after.
2-Way Plow

P&O Two Way Success, new lays made by Don Messing. Used some, a great plow.
JD Plow

Two Bottom Deere & Company modular disc plow which easily converts to one bottom. Plows great either way.
Disc Plow

One Bottom P&O disc plow, new disc, plows great.
Walking Plows

Bradley walking plow, pre 1910, near new condition. JI Case, a great plow with near new lay. John Deere walk behind with rebuilt lay.
IHC Mower

IHC #7 mower with original IH tongue truck. Less than 5 acres on new ledger plates.
Horse-Drawn Grain Drill

8’ Moline Monitor drill with grass seeder and some spare parts. Owner has raised 50 bushel wheat with this drill.
Dump Rake

IHC dump rake, Very usable.
Forecart & Hay Rake

Forecart, in good shape. We raked a lot of hay with this outfit. International side delivery hay rake. Good using rake.
Corn Sled

John Deere corn sled, new professional museum quality restoration, stored inside.
Wagon Running Gear

John Deere Corn Hiller.

Harrow Cart

John Deere Sulky Plow

Motorized Forecart

45 horse engine, runs good, live hydraulics and rear hydraulic steer
Road Grader

Adams Leaning Wheel Grader NO. 2C Mfd. By J.D. Adams & Co. Indianapolis Ind. U.S.A.
JD Spreader, Needs Work.

JD Manure Spreader

IHC Mower

Hoosier Grain Drill

Pioneer Forecart

abi Manure Spreader

Superior Grain Drill

This drill is field ready. Always stored inside when not in use.
Front View Of Grain Drill

Photo Of The Seed Box Of Grain Drill

This Photo Shows How Clean Grain Box Is For Superior Drill

New Idea Model 10A

This 1942 manure spreader is restored and is like brand new. Must see.
Horse Driven Grinder

Horse driven feed grinder in excellent condition.
Closeup Of The Feed Grinder

Harness & Collars

1 set Bio-Thane draft horse work harness 1 set halflinger Bio-Thane work harness 3 sets leather draft horse work harness Several adjustable collars
Yard Art

Motorized JD Spreader

This motorized manure spreader has a 355 Buick engine with a Buick drive train. It has been in many parades and will turn heads wherever it goes. This is one of a kind.
Another Photo Of The JD Motorized Spreader.

Photo of the Buick engine in the JD spreader.

Spokes And Wagon Springs


Rubber tire Material

Assortment Of Hames