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Colorado Draft Horse & Equipment Auction
Friday & Saturday, October 5 & 6, 2018
Location : Adams County Parks (Fairgrounds) 9755 Henderson, Rd, Brighton, CO 80601
Directions : 18 miles North of Denver - 1.5 miles West of Hwy 85 on 124 Ave
Friday, October 5, 2018 * 9:00 am *** three rings selling outside * 11:00 am Carriages & Wagons * Harness & Collars to follow * 3:00 pm Saddle HorsesSaturday October 6, 2018 * 9:00 am *** Horses & Mules * 9:00 am Small Misc. Items * Saddles will follow
CHECK-IN 8:00 am - 6:00 pm Thursday Oct. 4th, 2018 ~ Equipment & Misc.
CHECK-IN 8:00 am - 6:00 pm Thurs. & Fri. Oct. 5 & 6, 2018 ~ Horses & Mules
TERMS & CONDITIONS: CASH, CHECK ( with proper ID) VISA, Mastercard, Discover, (3.5% fee)
Belgian Mare

(Mountain View Burlett) 6 year old registered sorrel Belgian mare broke to drive single and double. Never been bred; will be vet checked by sale date. Excellent breeding lines. More info call Dennis @303-775-5915
Percheron Gelding Team

(Sodak's Prince Louie & Adams Acres Regal) 10 & 12 year old geldings.This team can show, parade or farm. Been there done that, can do it all! Well broke team!
Belgian Gelding Team

(Duke & Dan) 10 & 12 year old team of Belgian geldings used for hay rides and sleigh rides in resort setting. Easy to drive. More info contact Wes House @ Winding River resort - 970-531-1913. See YouTube Video view video
Percheron geldings

(Duke & Dan) Team of 4 year old Percheron geldings broke to all farm machinery. just a great young well broke team with a future.
Team Of Percheron Geldings

(Bert & Danny) 14 year old team of black Percheron geldings very seasoned team, pulling wagons, and parades. They do it all. Harness will also sell.
Percheron Mares

(Nip & Tuck) Older team of black Percheron mares used weekly on the ranch to pull wagon and sleigh. Anybody can drive them. Can be ridden.
Percheron Team

(Charlie & Casey) Team of 6 & 7 year old Percheron mare & gelding. Nice broke team.
Percheron/Quarter Horse Team

(Criss & Cross) 15 & 16 year old black Percheron/Quarter Horse cross mares. This team has been driven in parades, weddings, funerals and an old west re-enactment with a lot of chaos. They are well broke to drive and pleasant to be around on the ground. Easy to harness, bridle and hook up.
Haflinger Gelding Team

(Sammy & Skyler) 10 year old team of Haflinger geldings broke to ride and drive on either side Sammy and Skyler have been on all types of farm equipment and been driven in four and six horse teams as well as weddings and parades. They are good with their feet and easy keepers. Here is a nice big stout team.
Andalusian/Percheron Mare

(Misty) 14 year old white Andalusian/Percheron Mare. Family horse safe for all ages. Rides and drives. Her favorite thing is to be loved.
Draft Cross Gelding

(Scout) 8 year old blue roan Paint Draft cross gelding. He has been used to lead rides on a guest ranch, wrangle horses and clear trails. He is used to having chainsaws running and trees dropping around him. Would make a great pick up or ranch horse. He's got the substance and durability to drag bulls or calves to the fire. He's rope and hobble broke. You can pony horses on him. Scout is good to load, haul, bathe, and shoe. He's used to mountain terrain and will cross bridges, water, logs, or anything you put in front of him. This horse is smooth going and flashy, he'll get you noticed anywhere. Though we have never hooked him, we were told he is broke to drive.
Friesian/Percheron Cross Fillies

(Wild Fire’s Xena & Celtic Denis’s Sparrow) Yearling black 3/4 Friesian 1/4Percheron fillies. These are fancy mild mannered sport horses with ability to ride, drive, show, etc. they learn quickly. Don’t pass these two fillies up! Registered with FHH.
Friesian/Percheron Cross Fillies

This is another photo of the Friesian/Percheron Cross Fillies. They are registered with FHH and have the DNA Marker Report and also Genetic Test Report. This is a fancy pair.
Wild Fire’s Xena

Xena pedigree
Celtic Denis’s Sparrow

Sparrow pedigree
Crossbred Mare

(Cheer's Denise) 3 year old 1/2 Gypsy Vanner, 1/4 Friesian, & 1/4 Percheron mare. Cheers was started in harness and under saddle last fall and again this summer. She has a mild, sweet and friendly disposition. She is very willing to please and easy on the eye. Registered with FHH.
Photo Of Cheer's Denise Under Saddle

(Cheer's Denise)

Cheer's Denise pedigree
Gypsy Gelding

(Booker) 2 gray Gypsy gelding started in harness and groundwork for under saddle. 60 days professional training. Driving team and single. Been down busy roads. Been hauled and shown.Registered GVHS
Shire Cross Gelding

(Toby) 4 year old sorrel Shire cross gelding. Big & Flashy and rides around nice.
Hanoverian/TB/Percheron Mare

(Journey) 14 year old black Hanoverian/TB/Percheron Mare. Great disposition.
Gypsy Vanner Gelding

(Boomer) 7 year old piebald GVHS registered Gypsy Vanner gelding Rock solid natural horsemanship foundation.Safe & sweet.Drives beautifully & so fun to ride! Traffic safe.Has done field work all summer.Energy & willingness to go all day!No issues.Healthy & full of flash & feather! view video
Percheron Cross Gelding

(Monster) Gray yearling Percheron cross gelding. Easy to catch & trim. view video
Shire Sport Horse Filly

(Alexander's Lorena Darling) Classy yearling bay Shire sport horse filly. Mother is a grand daughter of Frenchmans Guy and Wilywood and dad is a reg. Shire. More pictures on our website www.WyomingHorsesAndMules.net
Another Photo Of Alexander's Lorena Darling

Draft Cross gelding

(Flaxie) 5 year old roan draft cross gelding. Flaxie is a real nice looking handy gelding that has been used in the mountains all summer on a cattle grazing permit. He has crossed the rivers and seen the rough country, he has also been packed, for video: www.wyominghorsesandmules.net 307-752-8197
Another Photo Of Flaxie

Paint Draft Cross Gelding

(John Henry) 8 year old Paint draft cross gelding. Big solid cross bred gelding broke for about anyone. Video available on our website www.WyomingHorsesAndMules.net
Another photo Of John Henry

Shire Sport Horse Gelding

(Alexander's White Feathers) Classy bay yearling Shire sport horse gelding. Could go any direction. More pictures on our website. www.WyomingHorsesAndMules.net
Another Photo Of Alexander's White Feathers

Draft Cross gelding

(Magpie) 5 year old Paint draft cross gelding. Real classy, well broke draft cross gelding. Been ridden in the mountains and on the ranch. view video
Draft Cross gelding

(Chisum) 6 year old gaited black draft TN Walker cross gelding. Very willing under saddle, easy to catch, stands for farrier, not for beginner.
Haflinger Mare

(Penny) 5 year old Haflinger mare broke to ride and drive single or double has been on lots of trail rides and is quiet, gentle, easy to shoe and an easy keeper.
Draft Mule Team

(Kate & Shorty) A bomb proof team of 15.3 hh 1600 lbs.Belgian mules. They have been driven in every possible harness use in 2,4,6-up hitches and are excellent to ride and pack as well. They have been used as dude mules.
Another Photo Of Kate & Shorty

Another Photo Of Kate & Shorty Hooked In The Swing

Another Photo Of Kate & Shorty Under Pack Saddle

John Mules

(Curly & Larry) These two 15.hh 1300 lb. good solid older mules who ride, pack, and drive great. They are sure footed and have packed lots of game. They are well mannered and still have a few good years to serve you!
Another Photo Of Curly & Larry In A 4-Up

Another Photo Of Curly & Larry

Another Photo Of Curly & Larry

Molly Mule

(Piney) 6 year old sorrel molly mule. Packed in mountains 10 times, good minded, gentle.
Molly Mule

(Sally) 8 year old 17.hh molly driven extensively on wagon train drives in Missouri. Hitched single, double and three abreast. She has been ridden to pull the roping dummy at roping practice. Good with feet and ears.
Another Photo Of Sally In Harness

Molly Mule

(Sugar) 8 year old 15.hh molly mule well broke to ride and pack.
John Mule

(Johnson) 19 year old bay john mule. Nice broke ranch mule. Has lead a lot of mules into hunting camp.
Another Photo Of Johnson Packing In The High Country

Another Photo Of Johnson

Another Photo Of Johnson With His Pack Gear

Molly Mule

(Molly) 12 year old sorrel mule used as pack mule, has been ridden and driven, sound and strong.
Mini Jack

5 year old sorrel mini jack donkey. Proven breeder, great confirmation.
Mini Jack

2 year old dark brown mini jack donkey, gentle, great pet or breeder.
Molly Mule

(Daisy) 7 year old 15.hh molly mule is quiet and gentle and has been on lots of trail rides. She has a nice steady gait and will ride with a group or by herself. She is super soft and easy going and is sound and good for the Farrier.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Barons Thunder Beau "Hank") 15 year old red dun AQHA gelding. He has been used on a dude ranch in the high mountains the past 3 yrs. He will lead a ride and crosses bridges, rivers, ditches. Super solid gelding, he's broke to a rope, works a gate, will drag logs. Would make a good using horse. Super stout built and surefooted. Has plenty of run. He's great to catch, shoe, trailer and handle. He has plenty of chrome and will get you noticed. Has AQHA Papers and signed transfer.
Paint gelding

(Rebel Spot Bandit "Yeti") 10 year old black and white APHA gelding. He's has been used as a dude horse as well as to lead pack horses and strings of up to 6 horses. He's patterned on barrels and would make a great play day or 4-H horse. Yeti has had logs drug on him and is rope broke, good to shoe, bathe, trailer and be around. Rides in a hackamore or bit. He's flashy and will get you noticed wherever you take him. Good in the mountains and he'll cross bridges, water and logs.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Casper) 18 year old Fleabitten grade grey gelding been used on a dude ranch the past 3 years. Has no spook in him, very surefooted and used to the mountains. He has a lot of run, would be a good play day horse for an experienced kid or teen. Casper has been used as a pack horse in the mountains of CO and WY. He's hobble and rope broke. He is comfortable with chainsaws and trees dropping around him. He has a puppy dog personality and loves attention. We've given many pony rides on him and he's been painted by kids. Good to trailer, clip, and shoe.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Hank) 12 year old buckskin gelding used for all types of ranch work, been roped off, and used in pole bending. Well broke gelding. view video
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Dollar) 7 year old 16.hh gray Quarter Horse gelding that has been on a ranch in Kansas all his life. He really walks out and covers some country. He needs a job and is for a experienced rider. Easy to catch,loads well and is shod.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(General) 9 year old 15.3hh gray Quarter Horse ranch gelding ,heavy muscled and fancy. Been used on ranch all his life in the mountains and in elk camp. This horse needs a rider that knows how to ride. He is serious about his job and not a pet.
Quarter Horse Mare

(May) 5 year old classy chestnut mare ridden all summer in the mountains and used for all aspects of ranch work including packing, roping and sorting cows. Very careful with her feet, especially through ditches and streams. Ridden by beginners and young children.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Boogie Down Poco) Red dun 15.2hh 1050 lb. gelding who is an excellent mountain, trail, and pack horse. He is sure footed and walks out to really cover the country. Boogie is ready to go to work for you.
Another Photo Of Boogie Under Pack Saddle

Boogie In The Water

Quarter Horse Gelding

(Flint) 7 year old bay big stout gelding been started on the head side roping the dummy. Flint is very gentle and kind to be around. Trim, saddle anything is pretty easy. Ready to go any direction you want.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Preacher) Grey gelding, good handling horse, solid mind set with a lot of go still. Very sound and durable.

(Silver Moon Peppy) 17 year old gray mare. Really nice riding mare, ropes/heels.
Cleveland Bay/TB Mare

(Scarlet) 14 year old bay Cleveland Bay/TB mare. Good disposition.
Another Photo Of Scarlet

Another Photo Of Scarlet

Another Photo Of Scarlet

Quarter Horse Gelding

(Ocean Bound) 10 year old gray gelding aka Blue; Blue has been roped on, can run barrel pattern, and has been a pony at the racetrack. Very gentle, absolutely no foolishness. 1000% sound and all around great gelding.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Sarge) 14 year old sorrel Quarter Horse gelding broke to ride.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Tighten) 13 year old 15.2hh blue roan gelding. Awesome ranch horse, safe for anyone.
Paint gelding

(Buck) 10 year old brown & white gelding has worked cattle in pasture and in feed lot.
Appaloosa mare

(Lilly) 8 year old red Appaloosa mare that is easy to catch and nice to be around. She always wants to be everyone's buddy. Lilly has been rode on trails and rode in the pasture to gather cows.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(CC Triple Decker) 14 year old 15.2hh palomino gelding. Has done all aspects of ranch work, roping, and sells sound.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Chex) 5 year old bay roan gelding. Nice handy size that would make a great heel horse. Ride in the mountains and in the arena. Crosses water. Very athletic and fun to ride.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Quatro) This is a nice 10 yr gelding that's been there done that. The pictures speak for themselves but he is more then a pickup horse. He will do a days work on the ranch or head steers in the arena. Sound and ok in every way.
Photo Of Quatro

Another Photo Of Quatro

Papers On Quatro

Quarter Horse Gelding

(Dallas) This very cool 4 yr old gelding has a little reining training and is broke the best. Ready to go on and be your next keeper. Dallas has a great mind and a lot of ride for a 4 yr old. Sells sound and ok in every way.

(O’ Harriet Potter “Harriet”) 10 year old sorrel Paint mare used for a dude horse the past 4 yrs. Harriet is an incredible pack horse as well, she’s recently done multiple drop camps in the Rawah Wilderness including packing out Meat. She’s soft in the face, loads and hauls great. She acts like a gelding and is easy to be around. Harriet is good to bathe, clip, shoe, and is hobble and high line broke. She’s used to rough mountain terrain and is very sure footed over rocks, rivers, and bridges. She’s been used to shed hunt in Jackson Hole the past few springs and was ridden in the Parade at Cheyenne Frontier Days and is broke to carry a flag and rope as well as lead a pack string. She comes with APHA Papers and Signed Transfer.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Prince) 9 year old Palomino Quarter Horse gelding, good spirit, not for inexperience rider.
Mustang Mare

(Cali) 9 year old roan Mustang mare. Mustang million mare. Nice mare with very gentle disposition! Been there done that kind of horse
Another Photo Of Cali

Quarter Horse Gelding

(Cobra) 7 yr old AQHA buckskin gelding. This guy has a got of handle to him and a big stop. Cobra has done every aspect of ranch work and is good at everything he does. Is great in the arena as well, ropes the heel side, not a finished rope horse but is well started. Cobra does not have a hair out of place and is a very sharp looking dude.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Doc) 4 yr old AQHA blue roan gelding very fancy will rein around like one should. Been on cattle and would make a rope horse but could go any direction you want him to because he is as broke outside the arena as inside. If your looking for a fancy broke sound gelding to keep forever look no further.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Bo) This is a really well made gelding that has a very good handle and a big stop . Bo will work inside the arena and out and has been roped on a little and used outside on cattle. Bo rides correct, picks up his leads and is easy to be around. Absolutely no vices and sells sound in every way.
Mustang Gelding

(Tonto) 8 year old bay Mustang gelding, stocky built, extreme mustang trail competition horse. Trails, water, roads!! Will do anything you ask.
Quarter Horse Gelding

(Rio) 9 yr old 14.3hh gelding that is a handyman to have around, very broke, picks up his leads correctly and has a big stop. Rio has been shot off of and is a good all around using type of horse, weather you are looking for a ranch horse or a fancy trail horse. Don't miss him.
Pony Mare

(Strawberry) 4 old bay pony mare broke to ride and drive. A very fun pony to have around. view video
Pony Mare

(Oprah) Black Shetland mare, gentle little pony who is good to ride, pack and drive.
Another Photo Of Oprah In Harness

Mini Pony Mare

(Macy) 16 year old bay mini mare. Macy is a cute little mini! She is good to ride for an experienced kid and drives too. She has been used to ride in the arena, mountains, and gather cattle.
Pony Gelding

(Hutch) 7 year old roan Paint Shetland gelding. Starsky and Hutch are a cute little mother/son team. They ride, pack, and drive and have been downtown and around traffic. They are sure footed in the mountains and are a lot of fun!
Pony Mare

(Starsky) 12 year old roan Paint Shetland mare that will sell with her son Hutch as a team. They ride, pack, and drive and have been downtown and around traffic. They are sure footed in the mountains and are a lot of fun!
Another Photo Of Starsky & Hutch

POA Pony Gelding

(Thunder) 4 year old 13.3hh grey pinto POA gelding super talented pony. Athletic and agile. This pony can go in any direction. Thunder is a blast to ride, he can run barrels, would make an awesome gymkhana pony, he has free jumped 4’ and has his flying lead changes. He’s not for a beginner...yet:)
Another Photo Of Thunder

Pony Gelding

(Hoss) 11 year old buckskin pony gelding. He neck reins well, is a joy to ride, covers the country, spins, backs etc. He has moved cows, gone on multiple pack and hunting trips. An experienced rider will enjoy him the most.
Dr. Buggy

This auto top buggy is in good shape.
Cardinal Marathon Carriage

Seat Height: 51 inches, Made by Pennsylvania Amish.
4 Seat Carriage Plus Driver Seat.

This is a nice carriage with brakes and fringe top.
Pennsylvania Style, Amish Buggy,

Amish Buggy

Side Spring Runabout

Dr. Buggy

One Horse Sleigh


This 9 passenger sleigh, works good and is ready to go in great condition.
3 Seat Sleigh

All seats and cushions are removable and the wheels were put on custom made so it could be used for a Christmas parade without snow or for any other "dry road" event. They will unscrew.
Horse Cart

Wooden Horse Cart made by the late Jack Stewart Golden Horse and Carriage (Golden, Colorado)
Horse Size Cart

Weber Wagon

This Weber Wagon is in original condition and very serviceable. New bows and seat springs.
Rubber Tire Wagon

This almost new wagon comes with bathroom, stereo, lights, battery and charger.
People Hauler

This wagon has benches and rear step.
Manure Spreader

Shoeing Stock

Draft Size Shoeing Stock

Single Draft Harness

Single russet Driving Harness

Draft Team Harness

Show Halter, Bits, & tack

Parade Saddle